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Fresh Flowers for Mother's Day

Sending flowers to your Mom is a classic gesture of love and appreciation and express various emotions – and it doesn’t have to be just on Mother’s Day, you can send her freshly cut flowers every now and then.

Tell your Mom that she is the greatest Mom ever with a bouquet of fresh Mother's Day flowers. Although you might take Mom for granted sometimes and upset her, you'll always hold her in your heart. On her special day, delight your Mom with freshly cut flowers to make her feel appreciated, remembered and pampered - exactly how she should feel! For all she's done for you, bringing you to this world and and just basically teaching you the most important things in life, a bouquet of flowers will express your gratitude perfectly.

Your Mother and other loved ones who are mothers too (your wife, friends, sisters) will surely appreciate the thought when they receive fresh flowers on their special day, especially if you’re far away from them.

Here are some good flowers ideas to send your Mom on her special day:

  • Roses – once a classic, always a classic. Red roses have long been associated with motherhood, making them a popular choice on Mother’s Day, but it won’t have to be just red; you can choose from a variety of colors – white, pink, yellow, white and blue or just put them all together. And to top it all, it can come with a card, a box of chocolates, or a teddy bear.
  • Orchids – these exotic beautiful flowers come in so many colors, shapes and sizes. And no matter which one you choose, mom is guaranteed to love it.
  • Lilacs – you may have heard that lilacs are mostly used in weddings as they symbolize new love. However, lilacs also signify love between Mother and child, making them perfect for Mother’s Day. 
  • Irises – this type of flower symbolizes affection and warmth, and some Christians associate this flower with the Virgin Mary. And because of this, many believe that this flower is a symbol of a Mother’s eternal love.  
  • A Unique Flower Arrangement – you can also customize your own flower arrangement and spoil your Mom with a unique bouquet that can include her favorite flowers.  She will certainly love it! She will for sure immediately put it in a vase and because of its beauty, she might even have it dried and pressed. 
  • Blooming Plants – Mother’s Day doesn’t only end with flowers, you can also shop for blooming plants if you want something to last longer than a traditional bouquet. If your Mom loves gardening, consider outdoor plants and bushes that your Mom can plant in her garden.

In addition, if you're on a tight budget, a single long-stemmed rose will do the job. It's always the thought that counts and this is a sure fire way to cheer up the mothers in your life.