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The Different Types of Flower Arrangements

It is a fact that flowers are among the greatest gifts of Mother Nature to us. Not only are these used to beautify our surroundings and our homes, but these are also used as gifts to present to someone on special occasions. However, one need not be a professional florist just to be able to come up with extravagant ways on how to present lovely blooms. A person should simply let her creative side flow in order to create flower arrangements that can be appraised by those who will be viewing them.

Flower arrangement has been a part of human society for many years. Some even take this method seriously, hence the introduction of various styles of flower arrangements. Listed below are some of the most well-known examples:

1. Lazy ‘S’ also known as Hogarth’s curve. This is considered as one of the most complicated styles of flower arrangements but is also among the most beautiful when arranged accordingly. The aim of this is to arrange the flowers in such a way that they form a subtle “S” shape. You can do this by placing a piece of foam in the center of your desired vase, preferably something that is tall enough to accommodate the angle of your chosen blooms. Gently bend the stems of the flowers so that they form a gentle curve. Insert the stems into the foam one by one, making sure that the focal flowers are distributed evenly at the top and bottom parts.

2. Minimal arrangement is a popular type of arrangement that is commonly used indoors. You only need a couple of flowers to achieve this whilst making sure that the attention is situated on your focal ones. To do this, you will need to place a piece of foam in your vase of choice. Insert the stem of the tallest flower you have into the foam followed by the smaller ones, making sure that the horizontal pattern is followed.

3. A fan-shape flower arrangement is another popular type of arrangement that is usually used on buffet and coffee tables. Its horizontal display makes an appealing centerpiece without distracting conversations on a table. To do this, you will need a shallow container. Place a piece of foam inside. This will be used as a base where the stems of the flowers will be inserted. Insert the focal flowers in the middle first followed by your preliminary flowers which can be arranged on the sides.

4. Vertical flower arrangement. This is considered as an extremely tall flower arrangement that apparently requires the use of long-stemmed blooms such as roses, tulips, sunflowers, and carnations. These can be placed on low tables thereby emphasizing the grandness of both the flower arrangement and the furniture. You will need a tall and narrow vase and a bunch of your preferred long-stemmed flowers. Arrange until your desired outcome is achieved.

5. Ikebana. This is a popular type of flower arrangement invented by the Japanese. These represent the seasons and the synchronization between mortality and immortality. The arrangement uses very few but unique flowers and plants to create an imaginary triangle on the vase of your choice.